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Nepal Tourism Year 2011

March 16, 2010

Nepal´s enduring Hindu-Buddhist charm, alluring myths and mysticism, besides universally renowned Gurkha hospitality with a big Nepali smile still exist and this is what Nepal Tourism Year 2011 is all about  promoting Nepal as a clean tourist beauty spot where dreams of visiting a lost Shangrila still hold true for most first time adventure seekers.
The natural scenery, high mountains, incomparable cultural heritage and numerous specialties have made Nepal a well-known destination in the world tourism map with a distinct image of its own. However, the development of tourism is limited in number and within the certain areas of the country only. The new government has shown greater concerns about the real value of tourism and its role in contributing to economic growth, poverty alleviation, equity and overall tourism development in the country.

Overall, Nepal´s Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation is very optimistic that ´Nepal Tourism Year 2011´ will prove a grand success. As one coordinating source mentioned to this writer, it has sparked new national enthusiasm to get things done on time with the possible conclusion of the Nepali peace process by the middle of 2010. Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, according to his close advisers, has also taken serious personal interest to make Nepal known as a world famous tourism destination with the stated Nepal Tourism Year 2011 promotion plan.
Similarly, tourism entrepreneurs are putting pressure on the Nepal government to get the Lumbini International Airport and the Bara International Airport up and running within the period, which sounds impossible, but given unanimous donor enthusiasm on both projects, could happen on time. Nepal definitely needs to increase its hotel room capacity by another 40% to accommodate the projected arrivals in 2011. Similarly, Nepal Airlines must live up to its stated promise of servicing the European tourist routes, and quickly purchase two or three medium range fuel efficient, jets on direct lease basis from reputed manufacturers such as Boeing or Airbus to ferry in the tourists. Western entrepreneurs in the U.S., Canada, and Europe too have shown unanimous enthusiasm in promoting Nepali tourism and help Nepal maintain its current open skies policy to make the target year a total success. The U.N. has stepped up quality tourism programs in Nepal focusing more on the grassroots, the catchword being sustainable eco-tourism.
Government of Nepal in consultation with Nepalese travel trade sector and concerned organizations/experts decided on October 25, 2008 to launch a national tourism campaign"Nepal Tourism Year 2011" This announcement reflects the government's anticipation to bring into Nepal at least one million international tourists by the year 2011 and tourism industry's exigency to organize a tourism promotion campaign for wider impact.

With the glittering badge of adventure destination and the adage “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guests are Gods) that reflects "Atithi Satkar, Nepaliko Sanskar" (Hospitality is Nepalese culture) deeply rooted in our culture, the tourism products of Nepal never cease to mesmerize the visitors. The cultural, geographical, ethnic and bio-diversities of the country allure international visitors to Nepal time and again which truly substantiates the spirit of Nepal tourism brand; ‘Naturally Nepal, once is not enough !

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